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Individual Coaching Sessions

Looking for individualized sessions that take your life and experiences into account? We have several educators that can help guide you to discover new parts of your sexuality! 

Luxury Retreats

Our retreats will give you the keys, in a relaxed, non-judgmental setting, to revitalize and reignite the passion for you and your partner. The therapeutic effects of connecting with your partner again will follow you home, out on the dance floor, in the bedroom, or on the kitchen table. 

Programs for Organizations

We facilitate programs for youth, adults, and seniors regarding sexual health, kink, relationships, STI prevention, birth control, pleasure, and communication. Whether you represent a school, senior center, hospital, or private institution, we can design a program that best fits the needs of your audience. 

Contact Us

We offer sexual health sessions for individuals, organizations, and events. Feel free to contact us with questions about our retreats or send us the details for your workshop requests! 

Apassionato Co.

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